Below are some songs that we have worked out–just the basic melody.  You can pluck one string or strum all three as your fretting the notes.   Place your finger just before the fret, not directly on top of it.  Add your own strums and flair.  If it pleases you, then you are playing it correctly!   If you work out a song, please send it and we will post it on the list.

The format we used is 3 lines, each representing a string.  

*G is the highest (thinnest) string, D is the middle string, and G is the lowest string.

“0” means open string, or pluck the string without holding down a fret

 “1” means pluck the indicated string with your finger at the 1st fret

 “2” means pluck the indicated str*G = High Ging with your finger at the 2nd fret

“3” means 3rd fret, etc

ex.   Play this and you should hear  “Mary had a little lamb”.  Try it with just the high string, and strumming all three strings simultaneously.

*G——2– –1—0—-1—-2—-2—-


  1.  Jesse James        jessejames
  2.  After the Gold Rush    afterthegoldrush
  3. Hallelujah    hallelujah
  4. The Times They are a Changin’  the-times-they-are-a-changin-1