We are almost ready to start our next run of instruments. I have been insulating the shop extension and building storage. We got a new thickness sander which will really help us with guitar tops, bottoms and inlays. The pandemic is a nightmare but has allowed a chunk of uninterrupted time to get organized ( glass half full).

New thickness sander

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There is so much happening! I am in Maine teaching and Laura is in Saint Petersburg holding down the fort. She is working on the new Uke , and I am stepping backwards and messing with making a cigar box guitar that sounds great. The research and development takes time, we need to make and play and see how all is going over time. I am having fun with this one!

New Uke Design
Cigar Box Tenor Guitar
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We are in the studio designing a new Ukulele. Laura has been playing hers quite a bit and decided the time had come. I can already tell , with some R and D, we will come up with something good! Peter Park and Jay Hwang were visiting for Christmas. We messed around with some block printing and he printed these shell patterns on the top.

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