Its been a busy week here in the shop. I have been side tracked by some job jobs. I made a jig to route groove for binding and glued binding to edges. I like hand cutting the neck joint. Its nerve wracking but fun.

Attaching bindings to edges
Cutting dovetail for neck to body connection
Cutting the matching neck joint
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Everything is moving along on the new guitar. Like all tasks in life it gets easier each guitar. Being a production woodworker/woodturner for 40 years has taught me to move efficiently from task to task. Building this guitar is making me slow down and really be present in the moment and not working with my mind already in the next step.

Experimenting with V bracing
Guitar interrior
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Its been a fun week working on the new guitar. The rosette happened in stages. I made it one evening and when I got back to it the next day it seemed boring so I added a ring to spice it up. I made the mold a year ago so it was ready to go.

Working on rosette
Bending sides
Bending to match the mold
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