April 13, 2018

This guitar has a neck made from a tree I planted in 6th grade. It was harvested when I was 44. I have air dried the wood and made myself a tool cabinet and some carvings. I am using the rest of the boards to make some funky guitars. This one has an essay decorating it which tells the story of the Arbor Day in 6th grade when I received the tree. It goes on to tell about my personal history with the tree. It is the first traditional guitar I made and the essay tells what I learned while creating it. I have created a symbolic alphabet that mimics our alphabet and written on the top , bottom and sides.


April 10, 2018


I am back in Florida. I am setting my new house and shop up, and getting really excited to get back to the guitars I have been working on. I finished three tenor guitars at Center For Furniture Craftsmanship this winter and have learned so much about making stringed instruments. Here is the mahogany tenor guitar finished. It sounds great!

January 17 , 2018

Second body bent and kerfing added. I cut the seam at bottom and added a little keystone detail. I am making the top from a piece of quarter sawn , figured poplar for the first instrument and am making the second top out of mahogany. I am currently teaching woodturning for the winter at The Center For Furniture Craftsmanship so I am able to make these guitars from the material people are throwing out. That is allowing lots of experimentation without worrying about the cost. When I get the process down I will spring for some really great stock. I have made a little box that fits over mold so I can glue top on by using bent sticks to apply pressure. We call these “Go sticks”.

January 15,2018

Everything is going great! I have bent two bodies for guitar so far.  I am trying different types of kerfing to see the benefits.  Kerfing holds the thin sides stiff and provides a surface to glue top to.  I have also glued blocks in both ends, one for joining to neck and one for strap button.

January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!

The Strum Factory has been distracted for the last couple of months. I have been traveling and Laura has been renovating her shop space.  I have purchased a new house in Saint Petersburg Florida, which will be our new Strumfactory.com headquarters. From now until April 1, I will be teaching at The Center For Furniture Craftsmanship.  I have started a new guitar, and thought I would take you through the process.

Step 1 is always “the idea”. I have started playing the tenor guitar and thought I would focus my attention on creating the perfect one for me. This is process that might take the making a bunch of instruments. While at the Martin guitar factory I really liked the old-time small guitars and I loved the style with F holes. Here is my idea…