The Strumpet

The Strumpet is our version of a traditional dulcimer in guitar form. We have developed an instrument that is easy to play, beautiful to look at, and has a wonderfully satisfying sound.  Each instrument is handmade and unique, created from our experiences as a woodworker and musician.  Strumpets are made from a variety of American hardwoods with laminate top and bottom.  Each instrument has a unique drawing burned into the interior so that no two are alike and making your Strumpet an original art piece and collector’s item. We are Sisters who get together a couple times a year to create short runs of personally designed stringed instruments.



2 Responses to “The Strumpet”

  1. Rob Chamberlin

    Hi Laura,
    I’m interested in purchasing a stummer. I plan on using it to play songs for my cats, they love music with bad singing. I’m leaning towards a darker model. I’m curious to see photos of the newest batch.



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