September 13, 2019

Just got back from a long summer of teaching. I had a great time. Taught a wonderful stringed instrument class with Keun Ho Peter Park at Arrowmont. It was so great to have 2 weeks to teach guitar making.

I am home and have spent the week moving our latest series of instruments forward. It has been wonderful to be back in my shop working with my sister .

August 10,2019

After Teaching at Arrowmont , I went to Pocosin Art center to teach a Dulcimer Guitar class. pocosin is a wonderful place in eastern North Carolina. The deck of the dorms looks out onto the estuary and the sunsets were beautiful. My class was great and everyone who works there is wonderful. Here is what the class made.

August 7, 2019

I have been so inspired this summer by my students, working with Keun Ho Peter Park . Peter came up with the idea of using a bandsaw box format to create a stringed instrument in any shape that can be imagined. We have messed with it for 3 years and have really got it down now. Here are some pictures.