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We have been busily getting the Strumpet’s ready for there first coat of paint. Yesterday and today were filled with rasps and sand paper. It was fun to work outside, so much easier to see what needs more sanding. The tiny shop is working great as long as it does not rain , one of us inside at the bench and the other out side at a temp table. Here are some pictures.


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It’s October and two sisters minds and hearts turn to Strumpet making.  I am in Florida looking for a new home after selling my house in Boston.  Laura is having her garage renovated, so we are making a short run of 11 instruments.  Laura had a shed built to store her stuff while the build happens so we are turning it into a mini instrument making studio. It is 8′ by 12′ and we are having fun trying to organize the space in a way we can accomplish our goal.  Here are some pictures of our first day.

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