OCTOBER 31, 2017

We are excited about this year’s project.  It has been fun spending this month with my Sister.  I love hearing the progress she has made in her guitar and ukulele playing. We have been working on some songs together (not ready for video yet).  When this project started in 2014  Laura could not play a guitar and I did not know how to make an instrument. Now we are sharing our skills learned and dreaming about instruments not yet made. Here is a sample of the sound we got out of this years batch. They will make great gifts for holidays. Each one has an original drawing inside making them playable instruments and pieces of art.


OCTOBER 26, 2017

It has been a great week! This year’s strumfactory.com run has been an exercise in shear will. We have basically done the whole instrument run in a shed that measures 8’ by 12’. Working together, my Sister and I have developed jigs, fabricated temporary work surfaces and changed our schedules to work around the construction happening in her garage. It has been fun , frustrating and inspiring. I am in Saint Pete searching for a building that will be the strumfactory.com headquarters and I am thinking big , when really I should be thinking smart. This endeavor in small space working has been educational. I have also loved seeing Laura’s skill set expand exponentially. She can make the whole instrument independently and is ready to help me teach when the time avails itself. Today while I worked on quality control she very carefully flattened, and polished frets.

OCTOBER 24, 2017

The weather and construction on Laura’s garage  have delayed our progress a bit.  We have a plumbing trench dug in front of the tiny workshop that makes traversing our day very interesting.  Bob, our Gecko mascot, has been very interested in all the commotion and spends his time between the construction of the garage/shop and the Strumpet’s.  We have done the final sanding between coats and today will drill string holes.