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I am on an amazing adventure traveling from Boston to British Columbia. I have landed in Port Townsend this week, purely on a whim. I looked at a map thinking , hmmmm where next?  I saw Port Townsend and thought of the wood school there.  Port Townsend School of Woodworking teaches a variety of furniture and turning programs  but they also teach things like Gypsy Wagon design and Tiny House building.  Located in an old fort complex with many other arts programs, there is much to see in an afternoon. Tim Lawson, the wonderfully gracious director of the school, took me on a tour of Port Townsend, and the shop of Seth Rollins ( a fellow instructor at CFC that I have never met).  It was a wonderful day!  They recommended that I visit James Curtis, a mandolin maker.  I called James and went to visit him yesterday.  That visit almost caused a head explosion it was so fun and informative. This is the great thing about having no  plans between demonstrations. You come upon a place like Port Townsend and feel right at home.  Laura was really jealous about not getting to see James Curtis’s Luthier studio. Here are some pictures.

James Curtis, Luthier

Port Townsend School of Woodworking



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I am traveling from New England to Vancouver to teach how to turn parts for stringed instruments. Have been staying with friends along the way. This week I have been in Missoula Montana teaching my friend Bill how to make an Irish Strum stick for his wife Michelle. We had a good time.

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I had a great winter teaching and making at The Center For Furniture Craftsmanship. I am now traveling and have time to share some of the projects I worked on. My first project in December was a Ukulele commission for my friend Bruce. He wanted a Uke that would inspire him as an artist. I wrote an essay about my life as an artist and transcribed it into Wing Ding Font. I wrote inside and outside on a body that is our style.  Here are some pictures.   Click here to read Bruce’s essay about the uke.

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