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The Strumpets are done!   (Instruments For Sale)

They all look and sound great.  We have 25, and 6 are already sold.  They would make a perfect gift for any person.  They are easy to play traditional folk instrument, individually made,  and original art objects.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of the instruments or how to purchase them.



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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We have had a great day bike riding and cooking. The stringing of instruments started last night and the first Strumpet sounds great. It is a left handed instrument (made for my friend Tom) so hard for me to play. After an early dinner we will get back to it. Before stringing ,  all the frets have to get flattened and domed so there will be no buzz. Here are some pictures of that process.


Tuners installed



Frets getting domed

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Today we fretted the second group of instruments and put the last coat of finish on our first group. This project has been about teaching my sister how to make these instruments. I know what is coming next, the excitement of stringing and the magic of the first note. She will be thrilled when we start that tomorrow.

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I have been working on a new project with my Sister called . The project phase 1 is me teaching my sister how to make instruments which we will sell. Phase 2 is to travel and teach others how to make instruments. I have already started this with Peter Park at Peters Valley Craft School. My sister came to my house for 1 week in June to learn how to mill cut and steam bend parts. Now I am at her house in Saint Petersburg Florida where we are shaping, sanding, and finishing. Of course our work is sprinkled with walks and bike rides. Here are some pictures.

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